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TOAD for Oracle Dev Suite

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Toad for Oracle is an industry-leading, proven database development and administration tool that increases user productivity and application code quality while providing an interactive community to support the user experience.

Toad for Oracle empowers developers and DBAs to be more productive by providing an intuitive graphical user interface to Oracle. Toad is a powerful, low-overhead tool that makes PL/SQL development faster and easier and simplifies database administration tasks.

* Connect to multiple databases simultaneously and AUTOMATICALLY
* The Toad Editor
o Code Templates
o AutoReplace
o Column names popups
o Code formatting
o Package Method popups - Procs & Functions
o Shortcut keys for quick Spec & Body navigation
o Integrated Source control with TEAM CODING!
o Code Navigator - Easy code navigation. Find your methods, cursors, constants, exceptions, parameters, records, ref cursors, subtypes, and variables!
* Code Road Map - Map your PL/SQL's object dependencies
* Query Building Tool
* ER Diagramming Tool
* Project Manager - delivers a centralized screen to manage frequently related objects and tasks
* HTML Schema Documentation
* Compare Schemas and Databases - see migration SQL for differing objects
* Integrated Network/OS Tools - no need to leave Toad
o Telnet
o Rexec
o Ping
o TNSPing
o File DIFF
o Archive Management
o UNIX Crontab Interface
o Windows Service Manager
* Canned Database Reports - HTML, PDF, XLS, JPG, RTF Output
* Toad Editor has AutoTrace functionality
* Shared Pool statement recall/browser with performance statistics and Explain Plan
* Server and session statistics including relevant calculated stats and hints
* Full color syntax highlighting for SQL and PL/SQL
* View OraInit parameters without a trip to the server
* Filtered Object Browsing
* Direct OCI/Oracle access for the fastest performance possible. NO database engines required!
* Fast and complete object DDL Browser Window - NO DRILL DOWN LISTS!
* Toad Editor Window to test queries, view and edit data, process DDL commands
* View and Edit ALL Oracle Datatypes, including;
o Varrarys
o Cursors
o User Types
o Timestamps
o Nested Tables
o Objects
o RAWs
* Syntax errors in SQL statements are highlighted
* Generate Schema Scripts
* Generate Database Scripts
* Compile, Debug, and execute stored procedures, triggers, functions, and types
* Syntax errors in PL/SQL are identified
* View or alter Schema Objects
* Windows for the creation of
o Constraints
o DBLinks
o Dimensions
o Directories
o Indexes
o Jobs
o Libraries
o Objects
o Policies
o Profiles
o Roles
o Rollback Segments
o Sequences
o Materialized Views/Snapshots & Logs
o Synonyms
o Tables
o Tablespaces
o Triggers
o Views
o 10g Scheduler Objects
o Resource Consumer Groups and Plans
* View Privs/Grants for Objects and Users
* View/Search for inter-object dependencies
* View/compare previous DBMS Output statements in a separate window
* Restrict schema names in lists to selected schemas
* Print query datasets with a configurable layout editor
* Dump table data in the following formats to clipboard or file
o Tab delimited
o Fixed Field Spacing
o HTML Table
o Insert Statements
o Merge Statements
o SQL Loader w/Control File
o XLS Instance
o XML Plain
* Resizable MDI windows for viewing more SQL during editing -- no line limitations
* Execute Explain Plan and view results (on same screen or as in a separate window in outline style)
* NO LIMIT on the number of rows returned for live datasets
* READ-ONLY version which totally restricts data and DDL modifications
* MDI interface for multiple Editor windows, Table Edit windows, etc.
* Convert SQL statements to and from
o Delphi
o VB
o C++
o Java
o Perl
o or create your own code conversion templates!
* Recall previously executed statements in three different ways
o Save and recall statements from a personal SQL list
o Save and recall statements by user defined name
o Automatically save all statements
* View LONG columns (under 64k) in a popup Window or ...
* Export larger columns to disk for review in external programs
* Execute saved SQL files directly via @ command (or load files into the Toad Editor Window for editing)
* Window for selecting lists of column names, optionally from multiple tables with table aliases
* Command-Line functionality allows for Scheduling tasks in Windows with Toad
* Database and UNIX Monitors
* The best documentation and support in the industry!


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